What are pastilles?

Hard or soft pastilles which can be sucked or chewed are, in accordance with a special process, poured from a liquid substance and then dried. All active and auxiliary substances are dissolved, emulsified or suspended in the liquid matrix.

Pastilles are "solid solutions in single-dose form" or a liquid which has solidified. Pastilles are manufactured by pouring out a liquid into prefabricated powder moulds. The pastilles, which are still liquid, are then dried carefully. The active substances contained in the dried-out liquid are slowly released when the pastilles are chewed or sucked.

Our unique manufacturing method allows all kinds of substances to be processed, such as essential and fatty oils, liquid, including alcoholic, tinctures and extracts, dried extracts, soluble and insoluble substances. Difficulties which many of these substances cause when producing tablets for example or other traditional forms of pharmaceuticals can therefore be avoided.

Gum arabic

BOLDER Arzneimittel manufactures pastilles mainly using gum arabic as the base. Gum arabic is a pure natural product that is obtained from the sap of a certain kind of acacia tree (Acacia Senegal).

Gum arabic has distinct advantages:

  • As a hydrocolloid, Gum arabic allows substances to be emulsified and suspended.
  • Gum arabic binds flavourings together in its matrix, for example essential oils and flavours.
  • Gum arabic offers a prolonged, enjoyable and intensive sucking or chewing experience: it keeps the mucous membranes in the mouth and throat by means of a protective film.