Pastilles: Advantages for the consumer

Pastilles can be taken easily anywhere and release their active substance in a finely distributed way as soon as they enter the oral cavity. Some ingredients are even absorbed through the buccal mucosa directly into the bloodstream.

What's special about pastilles from the consumer's point of view?

  • Pastilles can be taken without water - which is ideal when you are on the move.
  • Pastilles retain their flavour for a long time.
  • When compared to sweets, the consumer considers pastilles to be a higher quality product.
  • Pastilles allow an intense taste experience to evolve.
  • The primary material for pastilles comes from natural sources.
  • Pastilles can be sucked or chewed and are respectively harder or softer in their consistency.
  • Pastilles are manufactured without any preservatives.
  • Pastilles can be formulated to be sugar-free (kind to teeth).