Development: From the idea to the formulation

The development of pastilles includes all of the activities prior to the actual manufacture, particularly the development of ideas and the product conception. Competent contact persons will support you during all phases of the project and offer advice on pharmaceutical and conceptual queries.

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Consistency Shape
  • You are seeking an innovative form of dosage for your plant extract, for example "ginger pastilles to combat travel sickness".
  • You have a marketing idea, for example "coffee pastilles for bright, alert people".
  • You have successfully launched a cough syrup onto the market: "Can I also offer my cough syrup as a pastille so that the consumer can carry and consume the product more easily?"
  • You have already established pastilles on the market successfully: "I would like to manufacture my products under drugs manufacturing conditions to in future also comply with the documentation and quality assurance standards."
  • You traditional range of products includes a medicated sweet with a high sugar content: "Can I extend my range to include a sugar-free version for a younger target group?"