We package for you: Bulk materials, blister strips, finished goods

We adjust the depth of manufacture to your specific requirements:

  • Bulk materials: We supply bulk materials in polybags and outer cartons for your subsequent packaging processes
  • Blister strips: We have sets of formats for a wide range of blister types. We process various foil qualities depending on your requirements. Blister strips are especially suitable for exports - for example you can be flexible when doing the final packaging for a variety of countries.
  • Finished goods: We supply you with blister strips in a folding carton with information regarding use, if requested, wrapped or in trays or displays.
  • All packaging lines meet the latest standards and are equipped with advanced colour camera systems.
  • We would also be pleased to assist you further with other forms of packaging - for example, clinical packing, tubular bags, boxes etc.

We advise you on the technical design of your packing material. If requested, we will arrange for the procurement of all primary and secondary packing materials.