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Do you want a job where you can really make a difference? A job where you can make a decisive contribution with your ideas, talent and enthusiasm for pharmaceutical products? If so, we would love to have you on board.

BOLDER Arzneimittel is an independent, medium-sized pharmaceutical company that has specialised in the development and manufacture of pharmaceutical pastilles for over 65 years. 

We operate exclusively as a contract manufacturer and produce over a billion pastilles for our international customers each year. We manufacture top-quality products in accordance with the guidelines for pharmaceutical production (GMP).

As a global player in the innovative pharmaceutical industry, we at BOLDER are well aware of the key role our employees play. And we fulfil our responsibility to them in all respects.

Autonomous working. Varied tasks. Attractive work conditions. Active participation. This is our formula for satisfied employees.

As a family-run company that has grown over the course of several generations, BOLDER Arzneimittel fosters a culture of mutual respect and appreciation. A pleasant work atmosphere is something very dear to all of us. At the same time, we promote a customer-oriented, agile approach to work.

With an eye to achieving stable and steady growth, BOLDER Arzneimittel attaches great importance to building long-term relationships with its employees and offers secure jobs. We identify and foster talent and potential, and systematically invest in our employees’ personal development.

Skilled workers and highly qualified specialists work throughout the company. Sharing this pooled knowledge for the mutual benefit of everyone is one of the foundations of BOLDER’s success.

Become a member of the BOLDER Arzneimittel team. And continue growing with us.

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